Welcome To Ink And Qull V2

Due to most unfortunate circumstances the previous site crashed when I tried to stick Asuka and Xena together in the same fanfiction area....it was horrific there was blood everywhere....even worse than cleaning up spilled spaghetti...

So they had to be shoved in to there own fanfiction sections because they just don't get on. So out of the ashes of the wreckage, I give you Ink And Quill Volume Two. Now with separated sections for fanart and each story having its own fandom area.

Granted I had meant to update this website last year but life just got in the way big time so I'm really happy to finally get around to it now. I hope you all like the new art lay out and feel and its designed to be a much better user experience.

I also really enjoyed putting more artistic flare on this website as it gave me a chance to use Clip Studio Paint (Formally Manga Studio) along with Photoshop. Thank you to every one who stops by and thank you for your support over at Deviantart Achieve Of Our Own and Fanfiction.Net.

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Whats New

Updated social media icons. Please note I am no longer on tumblr and will not be returning to the site anytime soon

Xena section complete.

AVP section complete.

Evangelion section complete.

Soul Calibur section complete.

Dead Scrolls.
This is an area for projects that never made the cut but the results can be downloaded on PDF currenty under construction

Fanart section created. Currently under contruction

Links section complete (Icon needed)

Most sections have art icons to match there fandoms.
More to follow